Don't Allow Your Tree to Lean

Don't Allow Your Tree to Lean

Schedule tree cabling services in Cedar Park or Jonestown, TX

Years ago, you bought and planted a sturdy sapling in your yard. But over time, you've come to realize that it's leaning dangerously to one side. Make your tree stand up straight by turning to Rooted in Texas Tree Care for tree cabling.

Homeowners in Cedar Park and Jonestown, TX and surrounding areas count on us to save their tilted trees. Our highly trained team understands that a leaning tree presents a danger to structures and family members. When you call us, we'll respond quickly to strengthen the trunk with a tree brace.

Contact us now to speak with a talented arborist about all your tree care needs.

Installing a tree brace in 3 simple steps

If a tree in your yard is leaning, don't wait for it to come crashing down on your car or passersby. Instead, call Rooted in Texas Tree Care right away to schedule tree cabling services.

Our dedicated crew will reinforce your tree by:

  1. Determining the danger your tree poses to nearby structures.
  2. Drilling holes in the trunk and branches.
  3. Weaving a tree brace through the holes to stabilize the tree.

After we're done, you can rest easy knowing that you're protecting your Cedar Park and Jonestown, TX area home and neighbors.