Give Your Trees New Life

Give Your Trees New Life

Leave tree trimming to the pros serving Cedar Park, TX, Georgetown, Leander, Liberty Hill, Georgetown and neighboring cities

Instead of spending hours in the yard climbing ladders and trimming branches, call on the skilled team at Rooted in Texas Tree Care. We will take tree trimming off your to-do list so you can get back to enjoying your free time. You won't need to lift a finger - we will take care of the entire process. After we're done, you can sit back and admire your well-maintained outdoor space, as well as an always included before and after pictures.We are the absolute best at detailed before and after pictures, and our customers absolutely love them!

Why should you get trees trimmed?

  • They are an obstruction
  • They are unsightly
  • They look like they might fall over
  • They are competing with another nearby tree
  • They look unsafe

Techniques within trimming/pruning

  • Hazard limb removal 
  • Deadwooding 
  • Defect removal 
  • Lifting/raising 
  • Topping/heading 
  • Reducing/thinning 

All too often, we get involved or hired when the tree is too far overgrown. Consider getting a free estimate early in the growth stages, when this kind of service can benefit the most. The phrase or term trimming is only addressing the overgrown section of a tree or bush. of the calls we go on the tree or trees are severely overgrown and that causes growth defects, and can lead to costly repair attempts for trimming in the future. If we are involved earlier, a less severe trimming method is needed which is known as pruning can be done. With this approach, the final result should allow your tree to reach its maximum potential in size and appearance, not to mention providing several health benefits. Trimming will be needed less frequently if the tree is shaped properly, and early enough.

Benefits to regular trimmed/pruned trees include:

  • Faster growth in the upper portions, providing that desired shape/look, as well as shade
  • No more blocked walkway or driveway
  • No damage to the home, especially the roof
  • No more leaves in the gutters
  • Trees look Symmetrical and neat in appearance
  • Less likely to have pests invade
  • Better sunlight for the lawn
  • Reduced chances for fungi/mold/mildew

Why get tree trimming services?

When your trees start to look like a wild forest instead of a tidy grove, you might be tempted to try trimming them yourself. But the experienced team at Rooted in Texas Tree Care knows that you probably won't get the results you want.

We recommend getting professional tree trimming services to:

  • Avoid injuries from falling branches
  • Prevent damage to your trees
  • Make your trees look well-groomed and sculptural

Contact us today to speak with a tree trimming expert serving Cedar Park, TX, Georgetown, Leander, Liberty Hill, Georgetown and neighboring cities. We're standing by to help.