Are Branches Impeding Your View?

Are Branches Impeding Your View?

Turn to the tree removal pros in Cedar Park and Jonestown, TX

Although you like how that huge holly tree adds depth to your yard, it blocks outside light and obstructs the view from your front room. Start seeing the light by scheduling tree removal services from Rooted in Texas Tree Care. No matter the size of your tree, our dedicated team has the skills and tools needed to cut it down without causing damage to surrounding structures. You won't need to worry about cleaning up after we're done-we'll leave your yard in impeccable shape.

Dead or dying trees pose a danger to nearby real estate structures as well as the lives of neighbors and/or pets. If you suspect a tree is dead or might be dying, please call the professionals at Rooted In Texas Tree Care for a free estimate and consultation.

These trees are susceptible to falling during our famous Central Texas storms we have year around, or randomly without reason. They drop limbs and can hurt or kill someone if left unattended too long. The sooner we can come evaluate the overall health of the tree, the better-we may even be able to save the tree. But if removal is necessary, we offer any type of removal needed to get the job done right.

Contact us today to schedule your tree removal in the Cedar Park and Jonestown, TX area. We'll work quickly so you can start enjoying the improved view.

3 times you should schedule tree removal service

You love the mature, leafy trees in your yard. But one looks like it's in bad shape. Should you cut it down?

The talented crew at Rooted in Texas Tree Care can help you decide. We'll check for various indicators that you need tree removal service, including:

  • Fungus growing on the trunk
  • Bark peeling off the tree
  • Holes in the trunk or branches
  • When all the bark is gone and there are signs of discoloration
  • Fallen limbs are larger than 1.5 inches in diameter
  • Leaves don't return in the Spring
  • Contagious disease in the neighborhood or surrounding areas
  • The inside of the tree is mostly hollow from abnormal growth or water damage
  • The tree in question has had chronic stress from nearby building development
  • Tree has been consistently flooded or subjected to drought conditions

Still not sure if you need tree removal services? Call now to consult a tree care specialist in Cedar Park and and Jonestown, TX and we'll let you know.