Give Your Trees New Life

Give Your Trees New Life

Leave tree trimming to the pros in Cedar Park and Jonestown, TX

Lately, you've noticed that your trees look wild and overgrown. Instead of spending hours in the yard climbing ladders and trimming branches, call on the skilled team at Rooted in Texas Tree Care. We'll take tree trimming off your to-do list so you can get back to enjoying your free time. You won't need to lift a finger-we'll take care of the entire process. After we're done, you can sit back and admire your well-maintained outdoor space.


Lifting the canopy can not only provide clearance for vehicles and foot traffic but also keeps your property, possessions, and people you care about safe! Not to mention, it helps keep your trees healthier and looking better.



Thinning the canopy to your trees offers amazing results as far as preventing storm damage. This method of trimming promotes healthy and strong branches, all while taking stress off the trunk. Do both of these techniques to you favorite tree and watch as it transforms into a thing of beauty!



1. To encourage growth to select areas of the tree
2. To prevent limb failure or dropping limbs
3. To correct rubbing or grafting of limbs
4. To provide roof clearance
5. To provide drive and walk way clearances
6. To eliminate high traffic areas for rodents



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Why get tree trimming services?

Why get tree trimming services?

When your trees start to look like a wild forest instead of a tidy grove, you might be tempted to try trimming them yourself. But the experienced team at Rooted in Texas Tree Care knows that you probably won't get the results you want.

We recommend getting professional tree trimming services to:

  • Avoid injuries from falling branches
  • Prevent damage to your trees
  • Make your trees look well-groomed and sculptural

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